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The MyFitnessCalculators IPF Points Score calculator is a scientifically-proven calculator that can be used to accurately calculate your maximum IPF Points Score using your gender, bodyweight, equipment used, and total weight lifted.

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and its affiliates use this new formulation to officially rank lifters of different weight classes. This calculator utilizes the official formulation used by the IPF (current as of ) to rank lifters.

Enter your Gender, Squat/Bench/Deadlift Total along with your bodyweight below. For the most accurate representation of your max IPF Score score. Perform all three lifts on the same day in the same sequence and timing as in competition. Enter all lifts below.

If a lift is not entered, it is assumed to be a no lift. If you would like a bench-only score, only enter your bench press 1RM and leave the squat and deadlift entries empty by choosing "Bench-Only" in Step 4.

If you prefer using the old method of IPF ranking using Wilks, use the MyFitness Wilks Score Calculator to find out your Wilks Score.

Step 1: Select Units :

Step 2: Select Gender :

Step 3: Enter Bodyweight : lb/kg

Step 4: Select Total/Bench-Only

Step 5: Select Raw/Single-Ply :

Step 6: Enter Weight Lifted
: lb/kg
: lb/kg
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Step 7: Calculate IPF Points Score

Find your equivalent maximum Wilks Score using our MyFitness Wilks Calculator.