Strength Performance Standards

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Use this MyFitness calculator to accurately determine your personalized strength levels (Weightlifting/Powerlifting). Strength Standards provides benchmarks for strength in the Back Squat, Front Squat, Bench Press, Press, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, Power Clean, and Snatch exercises. Standards are derived from up-to-date current records and are updated frequently to provide accurate measurements.

If you would like to gauge your strength level to your goal and need to calculate your One Repetition Max (1RM) use our proprietary One-Rep Max Calculator!

Calculate your personalized Strength Standards to see how you stack up:

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Strength Level Classifications Use the classification below for a definition of your level:
< Untrained:
The lifter is weaker than the average untrained individual of the same weight and gender.
The lifter has not trained for strength before. The majority of the population.
The lifter is stronger than the average untrained lifter of the same weight and gender. Novice lifters have typically been training for more than a few months.
The lifter has been consistently training for at least a year. The majority of those who go to the gym regularly are in this category.
The lifter has been consistently training with a specialization on strength for 2+ years. Lifters at this level are stronger than most gym regulars.
The lifter has taken a consistent and structured approach to strength training and dieting for multiple years. At this stage, the individual is amongst the strongest in an average commercial gym. Many in this category can be competitive in strength sports.
Lifters classified as Exceptional have taken a consistent and structured approach to strength training and their diet for the majority of their life and are competitive at the regional level. For many, this realm is near the maximum genetic potential without the assistance of performance-enhancing drugs.
Lifters classified as Elite are competitive at the national level. Lifters at this strength level have spent a lifetime of rigorous and structured dieting and training.
International Elite:
Lifters classified as International Elite are amongst the best in the world and compete at the international level. Lifters at this echelon are gifted individuals who have spent a lifetime of rigorous, calculated and structured dieting and training.