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The MyFitness Olympic/Powerlifting Barbell Flex calculator is a scientifically-proven calculator that can be used to accurately find how much bend a barbell will display given your chosen units, type of lift, barbell, grip length, weight lifted, and plate width.

Barbell flex/bend affects the range of motion of your lifts. For the bench press, the barbell flex and therefore the possible whip of the bar can destabilize your lift and cause the lift to be more difficult; if used properly the barbell whip can be used beneficially if performing the touch-and-go bench press. For the Squat, the flex of the barbell can introduce whip which can be used to benefit coming out of the hole when timed correctly when performing a high-bar squat. For the deadlift, the greater the bar whip or flex, the better the starting the position of the lift and the greater mechanical advantage it provides.

The barbell flex/amount of bend shown is from the middle center of the barbell to the plates (ex. the amount of slack taken from the barbell before the plates leave the ground in a deadlift).

Note: This calculator assumes that the plates are loaded heaviest first (Ex. 365 pounds would be loaded with three 45 pound plates on each side then a 25 pound plate at the end on a 45lb/20kg barbell) and with the plates touching up against the collar. Weight plate loading on the barbell is shown in Step 4. All inputs required except where specified. Find out your One-Rep Max using the MyFitness One-Rep Max (1RM) Calculator.

Typical Barbell Characteristics
Ring Grip Length
(inches | cm)
Max Grip Width
(inches | cm)
Eleiko NxG Competition Bar - Women - 15kg 36.0 | 91.4 51.6 | 131.0
Eleiko NxG Competition Bar - 20kg 36.0 | 91.4 51.6 | 131.0
Rogue Ohio Power Bar - 45lb 31.9 | 81.0 51.5 | 130.8
Rogue Ohio Power Bar - 20kg 31.9 | 81.0 51.5 | 130.8
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - 45lb 31.9 | 81.0 56.0 | 142.2
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar - 20kg 31.9 | 81.0 56.0 | 142.2

Step 1: Choose Units :

Step 2: Choose Lift :

Step 3: Choose Barbell :

Step 4: Enter Weight Lifted : lb/kg

Step 4.5: Choose Plate Width (optional) :

Step 5: Set Grip Width : inch/cm
Note: Range is from a minimum of 0 to the maximum dictated by sleeve length. Use the chart above for guidance. Example: 0 inches/cm represents gripping at the center of the bar, 36 inches (91.4 cm) represents gripping the Eleiko NxG competition bar with your middle-finger on the rings.

Step 6: Calculate Barbell Flex

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