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Use this MyFitness calculator to accurately find your personalized Vertical Jump. Calculate how strong your squat needs to be to be able to reach a desired standing vertical by entering your desired Vertical Jump! You can also find out how high you should be able to jump given your current maximum strength level in the barbell squat (olympic style squat) by entering your 1RM squat.

Select "Calculate Vertical" in Step 3 to calculate your expected standing vertical jump number.
Select "Calculate Squat" in Step 3 to calculate the (1RM) squat needed to jump your desired vertical jump.

See if you can jump high enough to slam-dunk on an NBA regulation basketball hoop using our proprietary MyFitness Dunk Calculator.

Note: This vertical jump calculator is most accurate for heights that are around average.

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Note: If the calculator is not working, check that your input is only numerical.

Step 5: Calculate Squat/Vertical Jump

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Calculate how high you need to jump to dunk a basketball on a NBA regulation hoop using the Dunk Calculator.

Average Vertical Jump For Various Sports
Sport Average Vertical Jump (inch | cm)
NFL Football 32.0 | 81.3
NBA Basketball 29.0 | 73.7
MLB Baseball 30.0 | 76.2
Men's Soccer 26.5 | 67.3
Women's Soccer 18.5 | 47.0
Men's Powerlifting 33.0 | 83.8
Women's Powerlifting 23.0 | 58.4
Men's Olympic Weightlifting 34.5 | 87.6
Women's Olympic Weightlifting 25.5 | 64.8
Men's Volleyball 27.0 | 68.6
Women's Volleyball 19.0 | 48.3
Men's High School Athlete 23.0 | 58.4
Women's High School Athlete 15.0 | 38.1

Note: The standing vertical jump height is not the same as a run-up or step-up jump. A standing vertical jump is performed from a stand-still. Use this Vertical Jump Calculator to estimate your standing vertical jump. Your run-up or step-up vertical jump height may be higher than your standing vertical jump depending on your jumping efficiency.

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